If you are using a chatline and have forgotten your password, don’t worry because there are some chatlines out there that don’t even ask you for a password.

….example of a no password chatline is

That’s correct; we call it the no password chat line and it’s the best kind of chat because you don’t have to be trying to remember your password every time you call a chatline.

Of course you’ll need a password if you call one of those chatlines that ask you for a membership; however if you call a free chatline, then there is no password to remember.

All you have to do is call and record a greeting of yourself and poof; you’re on the chatline listening to the greetings of the other members or callers that are on the line.

If you don’t know of any chatlines or chat services that you can chat with no password, then try the following one. http://friendsation.com/live-chat.php