Free Trial Phone Sex

Sex-UP a Hottie 855-847-4557

Free trial phone sex numbers are totally awesome and I’ve got a hot one for you to try if you are a first-timer. Hey I don’t mean a “first-timer” to calling a hot adult sex chat line, but if you’ve never called this chat line before, then you’ll get some free time to send messages back and forth with others.

Once you have used up you time; you can purchase very inexpensive chat packages for as low as $4.99; or you can just hang out on the line lurking (as us gals call them) and listening to the greetings of the other callers.

This are straight numbers for hot phone sex and very popular with the ladies (tehee that would be me and my slutty friends). Sometime people think that it’s only guys who like phone sex; but who the heck ever came up with that BS. Girls like to enjoy erotic conversations just as much as the fellas. Beside girls really know how to crank guys out.

Ok I’m a gal and I’m writing this and I know that I’m very good at getting guys all hot-and-bothered. I mean sometimes I have to tone it down a bit because it’s so fucking gross when you hear the guy breathing faster and then he starts groaning and then he says something fucking stupid like, “I’m coming, keep talking”.

Hey dick-wad I didn’t tell you just came; what about me? Don’t I get to cum too? What a fucking prick some of these guys are. They only want to chat with you and expect you to get them off. Fucking selfish bastards; well some of them anyways. Actually most are very nice and respectful!

Hey you gotta romance me a little over the phone; and not just plunge into the nasty shit. I mean wine and dine me over the phone a little and get to know me. Don’t just treat me like a phone-fuck whore. Well you can always treat me like one if you treat me right, but don’t just go from “hi you sound interesting” to “OMG I’m coming”.

Alright, I might be ragging-on a little here because last night I was chatting with this totally fucking cool dude who I would have really liked to get to know. He would have really liked me because I’m tanned and totally fucking smoking hot. I mean turn and twist your fucking-head-hot.

We chatted on the free trial phone sex line for about 30 mins; he blew his wad and said he had to go. Oh well, there’ll be others, because there are so many amazing guys that call the sex line that I can’t be bent-outta-shape over one loser. Cya…….on the line.