Phone Actress Jobs

Phone actress jobs are one of the most sought out positions today in the sex jobs industry. Don’t believe me; well then you haven’t heard the News lately. Hey talk about a lay-in-bed kinda job where you just talk on the phone about your favorite exotic topics and Make Money. Does it get any easier? Nope? Nadda!

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Here is what I do every day. I get my tight little ass out bed at 6AM and make breakfast for the kids and the hubby. Kiss my man-slave just as he’s leaving at around 6:55; then I drive the kids to school at 7AM and then it’s back home for a 4 hour day of chatting on the phone as a phone actress. Let me tell you now; it doesn’t get any better. Opps did I say that before.

I may repeat myself a few times because I’m delirious with all the lucre I’m making. Ya that’s lucre as in “jack” or ‘cash’ or “Franklins”. Woo-Hoo…..! Just chatting, rubbing, shaking, throbbing and cashing those checks. Well actually I don’t get checks. The phone sex service that I work for sent me a Visa debit card and they just load my pay onto it. Easy-peasy!

I get out the lube, the toys (things that vibrate {get-it]), a little glass of chardonnay and some candles to get me in the mode. That’s all it takes to go-to-work baby. And damn; do I go to work. I call the phonesex chatline and login as a phone actress. I check my balance to see what I’ll be getting paid-out in the next pay period. I then record a sexy greeting of myself so that all the male callers on the line can hear me. After that it’s all downhill sweetie, ‘cause when the guys hear what I’m all ‘bout, they want me. I love being wanted. If I was a guy I’d want me too. I mean I’m fucking hot, pardon the verbage.

OK, I’m not so eloquent with my words but you know watta’mean jelly bean. You can send me a message and try to chat with me, however if you want to chat-live OR if you want me to respond to your ping for a chat; then you have to become a member and buy a package of time which includes a certain amount of chat-time minutes.

It’s not even expensive. We’re not talking about $3.99 or $4.99 per minute as-in some of the traditional old-school phone sex lines. We are only talking about pennies per minute. My friends and I like to chat and we Love to talk dirty. Plus we get paid for it. Are you kidding me? What could be better?

I’d love to stay here and chat more and share some of my experience with you, but I gotta run and make some ‘hay’ baby. Hehe get it? Ya I know I’m corny but who cares. Come and suck on ‘this’ hot thing if you don’t like it sweetie. Let me turn around and have you lick some hot tight ass. That’s what I like.

Phone Actress Jobs