What is Phone Sex

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Are asking yourself “what is phone sex”? The answer is simple. It’s when you are chatting on the phone with anyone and have an erotic experience. That’s all it is. Now this can happen with a person who you are dating or a complete stranger.

Let’s say Sally is ordering some flooring from the hardware store and is talking with a man who has a particularly sexy voice. She is getting aroused and starting to imagine what the person looks like and what he feels like. The next thing you know, Sally is having an orgasm and her panties get all wet.

Well Sally just had phone sex; she’s wet and sticky and wants more.

Phone sex is “safe sex”. You can have it with total strangers anytime of the day or night, if you call a phone sex chatline. It’s easy to find them as they are listed in the back pages of most weekly newspapers.

You can also find plenty by going online and doing a search using the term “phone sex”. Put the brackets around the keyword so that it narrows your search down better.

There are many aspect of phone sex that is appealing to many people.

  • You don’t have to actually meet the person and deal with their stuff.
  • You can pretend to be anyone you want. If your 200 lbs., you can be a 110 pound bikini princess.
  • You can have phone-sex 10 times a day and no one will call you a nympho
  • You can get pregnant or any infections
  • You can live out or chat about all those fantasies you never go to live out in real life. Hay, phone sex is real-life for many.
  • When the husband leaves for work, you can pleasure yourself the way you like with your toys.

Have you ever talked on the phone with anyone and got off at the same time? Then you’ve already had phone sex. Hey don’t be shy about it; pick up the phone and dial a hot phone sex line and have fun. Enjoy!