Free Chat Line phone numbers are easy to find. In fact you’ve just found one on this page, however there are many more.

Click Here to find a local Chat Line number in your area.

Or DIAL Toll-FREE 1-844-MY-FLIRT (693-5478)

Just click the links on this page and you’ll find hundreds of local phone chat numbers in your city or state.

Call the various chat lines that are available like and then check out others as well. Each chatline will have its own distinct flavor. Some are very vanilla and boring while others have callers who want to chat about more intimate topics, if you know what I mean.

You are probably wondering how these chatlines can let callers us their systems for free. On some systems you’ll have to listen to ads for advertisers, just like you do when you install a free app on your iPhone or other smartphone. If you don’t want to listen to ads then you can purchase a block of time for a relatively small amount of money. Once you do that, then all the ads are shut off and you don’t have to listen to them anymore.

However for female callers, most chat-lines are free; and paid for men. Women can call the free chat line phone numbers as much as they want and they don’t get charged any money. On some systems women can call for free but they may have to listen to ads or at least get a membership number. Once you get a member number then you’ll feel more like part of a community and enjoy the call more each time you call the free chat line.